Kcaj, Wonk T'nod Uoy Lyrics

Montes Rook

Non-album songs

Lyrics to Kcaj, Wonk T'nod Uoy
Windows locked covers down. Shoeless
feet pace the ground. Painful past through
slumber's screams. All the evils in between.

Faces around me change with each new
light they've seen less years and, with
longer nights and carbon imprints by toxic
hands. It's in their eyes. It guides their plans
in fearful rage and hearts that shook the
sharpened edge. It's all it took, it's all it took.

Small bodies host old fabric drapes that
somehow managed to escape the carefree
youthful days of mine. And what I'm trying
to provide, a highlight of an average life aside.
I'll try for my whole life. I'll see it through
in a fraction of the time.
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