Lyrics to Kashmir
Kashmir Video:
It was a place where peace hovered
Mother Nature at her very best
Security in the minds of the innocent
Maybe, it never meant to last
When the bullets went astray
Bomb blasts everywhere
Killing thousands of innocent

The bastards are back again to loot the culture away.
So that they can establish their destructive way of life.
Placing their swords which have quenched the thirst of blood
On the necks of numerous followers of the Vedas
On their other hand, they hold the heads of the sacred people
Forcing them to adapt to their stupid lifestyle or else die
But dying is much greater than following their way of life
And getting a birth of a scum in their next life
So, they choose to die in the hands of the cowards
Resulting in the boom of the terrorists.

Kashmir it'll never be the Pakis'!
They've to pay For every Sadhus' blood spilled on the land!
We've waited for so long to defend our great heritage
It won't take us that long to crush them into pieces
Wage the war It's time for Dharmayuddha!
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