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BEARCLAW no more i rule alone the rapids and the forest a hand so insatiable is ripping down my trees who dares cross the borders of my realm thus disturbing eternal calm? within the woods many powers live the claw of the bear is yet to show your place all is born of fury and the pain that fire casts upon the earth by the hand of god at the silence of a thousand graves begins our march for a thousand more even the silent will curse in agony not the weakest lie trampled while the anger grows does the light not reach far enough for you to see the beasts you hear are moving? waking to a warcry, glancing around emptiness your own fear denies all hope of life all of fury is born of pain to the burnt soil to the burnt god all returns from the realm of fire to the rule of blood from the rule of blood to death your abandoned cattle slaughtered the night easily cleansed of the kill none of you sees to the other side no one of you will have time alone the pyre of carnage will burn and while the earth burns black in black blood we sleep

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