Lyrics to Karaena's Eyes
And Becky's eyes like Croatian skies, when the sun rise
And the free bird flies to me
You know she'll fly to me

And my mind like the path of time, will unwind
Revealing this truth of mine
You know that I won't stray

And this pain will fall down again, as I cannot chain
My heart to the rain today
No, I can't cry today

Yes and love's power will completely devour all these sun showers
And Mordorian towers in the way
And nothing's in the way

Nothing's in the way

Yes, I know deep down below, places we don't go
There's rivers that flow away
And we might flow away

And in light you'll be there tonight, blinded by sight
I choose to fight and stay
But I can't make you stay
And your soul that I can't control, so beautiful
But love has a toll to pay
And I'm prepared to pay

But time flies and hearts and souls rise to fill boundless skies
And drown out the lies men say
Yeah, I don't need to say

And nothing's in the way

Your thoughts men used for sport, truths you weren't taught
That jealousy then sought to slay
The dreams they tried to take

Your heart vast like star-charts, graceful like darts
Where my body starts to sway
The part that made me sway

And these words, truths you've never heard, lakes I've never stirred
It seemed too disturbed to relay
The things I must relay

And our love sacred like blood, gifted from above
When push comes to shove I pray
For your welfare I pray

And nothing's in the way
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