Lyrics to Kama Sutra
Kama Sutra Video:
... the climax
This isn't a race
Gonna... no matter
Until our bodies break
Until we reach the point
We got to stop
Cause every move
I'm lost...
We're gonna pop pop pop
I think we will be better
If we... a few rounds tonight
I wanna blow... sound tonight
I'm gonna light a pipe
We got all night
Until we... a fight

Kama Sutra
Turn to chapter five
Flip to the sixth
We start with a...
Kama Sutra
Turn to chapter sixth
I'll get you...
I show you how to trust it
Kama sutra
Wet skin and high
Baby you got me wild
While I'm rubbing your spot
Kama sutra
You have never had it like this
I'm the shit

We're two
There's nothing... we can go into...
Off all the things that we can do
I can put the...
Put the...
Yeah I know you like that
Cause I hear you're getting it
Cause we are on the mood
We've be surprise of all the things that you'll do
That you said you wouldn't do
We found out it wasn't true
Said it was a metaphor
Now I got you bagging for

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