Lyrics to K Street
K Street Video:
After all the troubles come and gone
They were here for so long
Now I've got this sinking feeling
Everyone seems to be leaving

And I can't believe how lonely it is here on K Street
There's no-one like me here on K Street
How lonely it is here on K Street today

I thought that all the problems had gone away
I found out where I could be
They were back the very next day
And I don't know what to believe

I've stood right here a million times before
There's nothing I remember anymore
Has it all changed so much or is it all in me?
Please lift me up and let me see!

No one understands me completely
I try to make myself clear
No-one ever believes me
I couldn't be more sincere
Songwriters: KURT BLOCH
Publisher: Lyrics © BUG MUSIC
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