Lyrics to Justice
Justice Video:
From the depth of my dirty soul
the anger grows inside me fast
I can feel it on my neck
with my shaking hands
I fear I've lost control!
Oh Justice, It sounds like a bullet into your head
brutal expression of the wish
to rape your justice like a beast
I fuck your rules, Justice by myself
we don't care about your system. Justice by our self
tell me why! for a small robbery
poor people are put to jail
whereas those who use their fame
can keep the head cold money is freedom
that's the way justice goes
brutal expression of the wish
to rape your justice like a beast
brother let remind me another
time and place of equality
Illusion! That's corruption!
now it's justice by my self
understand why I feel so bad
but I can only scream,
I lack of power Justice is deaf
to anyone's pray, but not so blind to the gleam of gold
comprend pourquoi je ne te regarde pas gentiment
voilà pourquoi j'ai plus envie de faire de sentiments
quand le système nous consume inlassablement
et que l'humanité dans sa faiblesse subit aveuglément
ce système de putain? A croire kon peut plus croire en rien
abus de pouvoir sur les trottoirs, homicide volontaire
la justice des hommes sur terre
tient les peuples en laisseet en cage, raffinées ou ghetto,
elle nous réduit à l' esclavage
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