Lyrics to Just Say
Just Say Video:
How can you say you?re all alone? How can you say where are you going? How can you say the phone rang Only ocne for a wrong number? How can you say you?re always sad? How can you say you feel so bad? How can you say you don?t think Anyone cares you?re around here? Just say I?m all alone Just say where am I going? Just say the phone rang Once today for a wrong number Just say I?m always sad Just say it?s all so bad Just say I don?t think Anyone knows I?m around here Why can?t I be strong? Why?s my number wrong? O.K. it?s not the only time I felt like this before Why is nothing new? Why know what to do? O.K. you look so hopeless I don?t know how I?ll get by

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