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Lyrics to Just Remember Now
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I remember back in the days when I was young
I always wanted tattoo tears just for fun
I didn't have a gun
Cause Mike Reynolds taught us three strikes and you're done
[?] on the run
Then I heard "One Love," and what I'm thinking next is:
What a brother got to do to make it out the 'jects?
No more picked pockets, no more Zip-Locs
And innocent girls putting ends in the pimp's pocket
No more battle scars, I'm thinking caviar
You know ribeyes, wave her bye-bye
To rocking Dada, dipped in Prada, twisting la-la
I want the whole enchilada, if not, nada
In need of a lot-a inspiration for dreams I've been chasin'
Somebody say, "Amen" (Amen)
Waiting for the day when, one day it'll make sense

So just remember now
(It'll all be over)
So just remember now
(It'll all be over)
So just remember now
(It'll all be over)
So just remember now
(It'll all be over)

Back in the days, I let my pants sag
JanSport bag and a .44 mag
XXL used to be my favorite mag
Used to use the word 'fresh' way before 'swag'
I seen Money Boss pull up in his new Jag
Shaq in his E-Class taught me about street cash
Belly had me rocking bow ties, playing both sides
Pushing bean pies, living la vida loca
I couldn't take it anymore, long nights, cold weeks
No heat, hand-me-downs, torn sneaks
Take a break from the routine
Try and see where you've been, where you're at
And right where you need to be
Instead y'all CB4, y'all got low cash
Limousine, Rolls-Royce as I rose past
From Shields Ave. to Rosecrans
Where gun control means to use both hands

Just waking in up in the morning, gotta thank God
I'm not the reason that your momma got her bank robbed
If I wasn't rhyming, probably be smuggling diamonds
Or juggling jobs for pay, hustling chronic
But I would make the decision to make it out
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