Lyrics to Just Like You
Just Like You Video:
You're my little love gun
You're my beehive stinger
I'll be you Braille if you'll
read me every night.
You are my cup of tea and
I'll drink you very slowly.
You are the church of love and
suddenly I feeling holy.
It's just like you to make me
shiver when I'm sweating.
It's just like you I'm pulling
at my party frock.
Its just like you to leave me
shaking in my go-go boots.
I've seen love it might be true.
I've seen it it look just like you.
You are my second skin.
You're a birthday wish
haven't eaten all day long and
you're my favorite dish.
You're the plug and I'm the socket
I'm the moon and you're the rocket
You can sing it you can talk it.
You're the change in my back pocket.
Angel, I feel I'm flying with the angels
And on my naked back are soft white wings
and they will fly me to my angel.
You're a present in the past. I'll unwrap
you save the paper, blinding my eyes with
a blast. The devil and the saviour. You're
the trash I should toss or the treasure
I should savor. You are everything and less
You're the rag and I'm the mess.
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