Just Blow, Don Quixote! Blow! Lyrics

Vague Angels

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Lyrics to Just Blow, Don Quixote! Blow!
Just Blow, Don Quixote! Blow! Video:
While I was reading on the shore of the lake
In the park two blocks from the ocean
Without my baby
I thought I couldn't have found a better state
Until I paused between chapters
To pull up some grass
Without my lady
And all of a sudden
I found myself depressed
So I searched for a word for this new emotion
And I came up with a list
And it goes like this:
The word is Liar
The word is Failure
The word is Christopher Damien Leo
The word is Jennifer Maureen Armstrong
The word is Keep Pulling Up Grass, you faggot
And Pounding the Earth
And Pulling Up Grass
And Pounding the Earth
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