Just Another Ghost Of A Girl Lyrics

Tamara Lee

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Lyrics to Just Another Ghost Of A Girl
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(Verse #1)
Just another ghost of a girl, what a shame to see daddy's little princess go to waste. Could have gone somewhere, if someone would have cared. But her pain is too deep now and theirs no saving what's already gone. Walk all over, oh she's used to it. You can only be crushed so many times before you can't even feel it at all. The numbing pain becomes a comfort, faking the smiles is just a daily routine and the double life gets easier. She'll paint you a pretty picture so you don't have to worry.

The double life is all for you, everything is for you. Hope you like it, it was expensive. It cost her world. She's selfless and confident but miserably alone. And she'll fake it till she dies because it's all for you. Everything is perfect if you dont look deeper. She doesn't want love she wants a savior. Stop looking at her smile and look into her eyes. She can't find anything to feed her soul and the party scene has lost its touch.

(Verse #2)
A string of relationships with guys who dont deserve her. But she'll love each one just the same. She takes what she can get. Even if it's pain. The satisfaction of feeling any emotion is more then she's used to. No matter what you do, you'll never break this girl. You can't break what's already broken. It's just getting harder to live, when you've been dead since birth.
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