Lyrics to Just A Memory
Just A Memory Video:
Driving home tonight
Under this big city skyline
The dashboard lights
Loom as empty as my
Sense of purpose
Is it worth this?
To follow your dreams
And yet lose everything?
Watch as my whole world
Falls apart, like we fell apart
Your words scream treason
To what I believe in
Can you tell who misses who more
There's no place to go
When you're so far from home
The phone don't ring
This is getting old
And the birds won't sing
Cause it's too damn cold
A heart was lost
Because the other is too bold
And a boy drives home all alone
You think you've got me
Figured out but you're wrong
I'm torn between you and future concerns
Just think of what you're asking
I'm not what you're lacking
I swear to god
I need this more than ever
I know you're wrong
Don't try to put me off
As nothing more
Than just a memory
I thought I meant more than this
I thought I meant more
I'm going to tell you right now
That this is not what it seems
I'm going to make it clear
That I am not what you need
And this was over before
It ever began
I never meant to hurt you
But that's what I did
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