Lyrics to Jurassic Heads
Jurassic Heads Video:
Everywhere on the streets
you can hear them say
the kids from today
the kids from today
but have you ever met
any kids playing Russian roulette?
in fact they give their best
which is not enough

just take it easy
no need to rush
no need to hurry
would you mind?

is it their fault
that they can't find no job these days
is it their fault
that you don't even care?
blimey, if you say so
oh, what a crap
'cause it's all different, different
different, but I dunno, no, no

if there's a future
something like a
ray of hope
few can see one
many can't

where d'you think
you're going
don't you, don't you
hear their sound
jurassic heads going round and round
and round and round and round and round?

(Thanks to Antony for these lyrics)
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