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Steve Taylor

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Lyrics to Jung And The Restless
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In the corner was the doctor
He said, "How may I assist?"
She said, "Doctor give me something
I divorced my analyst!"

He said, "Chemicals won't help yet
(I'm a doctor, not a musician)
let's both try some word association"
he said, "Love."
she said, "You bet."

Rushed from the fire to the frying pan
entrust your soul to a shrinking man

Jung and the restless
Pleasant dreams
Gotham's got religion
Fifty minutes from the corner of your mind
To the center of the new redemption
Jung and the restless
Primal screams
Ain't showbiz bewitching?
First came stats pulling habits out of rats
Now they may need more attention

She said, "What can I believe in?"
He said, "Don't believe, just...be"
She said, "You've got to give me one good reason to live"
He said, "Hmmm...I gotta be me"

Served with smiles and a noble intent
I think this waiter's got a fake accent

"So tell me about this latest dream."

"I was in a mental ward
For a little shock treatment
When a sudden power surge zapped me with two thousand volts
Then I floated down a tunnel to a shining man in white
And when I could finally make it out his face it was...
It was you, doctor"

"So what's the problem?"
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