Lyrics to Junebug in July
Junebug in July Video:
Well there may be some truth to the rumor
But if you need more proof
Why I am a late bloomer
And you need to know how I'm keepin' up with the Jonses
Come and find me under the shade tree and smellin' the roses

Well I'm a dark horse chompin' at the bit
I'm the underdog never been taught to sit
I spent a long time learnin' how not to crawl
And honey, I'm ready to fly
Believe the buzz about me, baby
I'm a Junebug in July

Oh, so many road signs we ignored
So many sermons we deplored
We got obnoxious, lazy, unruly and crazy
Just to keep from gettin' bored
You know the Rebel Soul is its own reward

The pistol fires and the race is begun
We got a hammock pilot versus formula one
I'll stand my ground and I'll see you when
You're comin' back around the track again...
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