Lyrics to June 10th
June 10th Video:
Do you remember those words you whispered to me
on that faithful day in Italy Mr B?
I can hear you singing face on fire blue skies
your eyes my beautiful liar
I'm still breathing you can't kiss me kill me darling
I know you miss me can't resist me call me Miss B...
I love it when you call me Miss B.
Can you hear me talking?
Can you see me red light my lips she can never be me...
she can never be me now I'm screaming what can I break?
My hearts broken...
silver lake, San Francisco, Switzerland, Lacumza, England, Budapest, Mulhouse,
June 10th, June 10th do you remember June 10th?
I can't forget June 10th...
I remember when we first met
do you remember or do you forget?
You were so perfect, so pure like an angel
you were like an angel... amen
and I remember thinking,
I remember thinking....
my God my God he is just so beautiful,
so fuckin amazing and every night I would watch you,
I would watch you watching me and we swore that nothing would come between us
that none will come between us do you remember?
Ecstasy in Paris...
laying down in the middle of the street in the middle of the night
in the centre of you I was humbled by your power,
on the ninth plane...
666 Acacia Avenue,
somewhere in hell digging the hell out of you, digging the hell in you...
my co conspirator, my executioner, my sacrificial lamb,
my friend, my lover, my martyr are you my enemy now?
You once asked me 'Is Existence All We Share?'...
You tell me when you remember June 10th, do you remember June 10th
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