Jumping Off The Roof Lyrics

Iain Matthews

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Lyrics to Jumping Off The Roof
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When Sam and Jean were growing up they didn't give a hoot They had a game they loved to play called jumping off the roof One Sam had learned from his old man, a Vietnam marine And when he knew it absolute, he taught the rules to Jean Now Jean she was an only child a few doors down the street And when the two were introduced Sam didn't miss a beat When Jean displayed her interest, well he wasn't fireproof So he showed her all there was to know 'Bout jumping off the roof Jump said Sam Oh, I don't know said Jean Come on jump Sam said This may be your only chance to be my beauty queen Now jumping off the roof it was a game made up of parts The first step comprised of taking hold of Jeanie's heart Second stage was easy once y ou had that perfect fool And Sammy knew the torture weIl, cause he'd made up the rules Next came the important part, he had to make her cry And he set free the meanest, cruelest stunts he could untie And when he felt for certain Jean was just about to sink Then he unleashed that velvet tongue and snatched her from the brink Chorus In time they found that jumping was a blessing and a curse Love without a blindfold can be suicide or worse Sam became an expert in the art of lies and truth And Jeanie loved to play that game called jumping off the roof Jump said Sam WeIl alright said Jean I'll jump, she said Because this could be my only chance to be your beauty queen

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