Lyrics to Juliette
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Juliette (M. McDonald)

Are you ready yet Juliette?

You know you're missing something good

I want to gift wrap it all

But I'm not sure if I should

You know your silhouette Juliette

Is tattooed on my mind

But as long as it does

The same things you do

Everything will work out fine

The costume ball is over

The make-up's washed away

We put away the wishful sun

And we can still see the real light of day

Got a cigarette Juliette?

I just had to try

Come on, come on, get out of bed

It don't matter how or why

How's my etiquette Juliette?

Don't know why I'm in a hurry

If there's room for me

Inside your soul

I want to that other worry

Are you ready yet Juliette?

Don't think I can wait much longer

There's an element we overlooked

And it's only getting stronger
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