Lyrics to Julianna
Julianna Video:
You come you go I'm dirty again I don't know why, I don't know if all the stupid sentimental things I said Meant anything at all Well, I'm the joke no-one gets But you've always been my best regret so which way are you gonna go Which way are you gonna... Go ahead and laugh at me again All my friends do anyway The promisesy ou break the dirty bed you make and all your little tricks that are keeping me awake Julianna Julianna I am almost on the mend I am almost over you again Again you won't confide as I lay by your waist-side because I know you.... I know tomorrow, you're ditching me..for her You're gonna slip up I'm gonna slip in and I'm gonna turn all your gears all around because I was the one I am the one Julianna I'll be the one I am not quite over you again

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