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I Can't Reject This Empty Hole

I Cannot Count The Bloody Cost

I Can't Believe This Wretched Soul

Come Penetrate All This Loss

Come On And Kill This Sense Of Life

And Be The One Who Is Denied

Now Show Me One More Upturned Knife

And Fill The Emptiness Inside

If I Could Leave My Burning Skin

That Has Been Used Up In Your Sin

Is There A Tiny Part Of Me

Untouched-unsoiled By Misery

I Am The City That Will Lie

You Are The One That Blame Passed By

This Is The Place Where I Will Weep

The Loneliness Of Sweet Conceipt

Be Mine Sister Salvation

Juke Joint Jezebel Is Coming For My Cremation

Be Mine Sister Salvation

Closer Now- See The Revelation
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