Lyrics to Jughead
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Keep it nice and quiet, keep it nice and quiet

What the hell was that?

(Hey y'all, I thought we bust this new hype before)
All across the land
(New dance commercial take two)
Rio, Marbella, we gettin' stupid
Ha, Germany, Paris France, we gettin' stupid
Yeah, Stockholm Sweden, we love ya

Let me shed, it's easier said code red
Bust the new groove just hyped for the jughead
Bass thumpin' everybody's doin the bumpin'
Oops, I slipped on a move
I think it's time to bust somethin'
Sleazy, but cool and easy
("Is this the right one?")
Yeah, this is for the hood
Better keep it greasy
Better yet on a smooth tip
I don't want to sweat
I want my slimmie to get with this
Move your head and shoulders from side to side
Take your back foot, and then you let it slide
Yo, in a fade motion, lots of attitude, coast to coast
Then you're floatin' homeboys boastin',
You made his skeeze freeze
You've been chosen, P
Ladies and gentlemen, NPG introduces the

Jughead (Jughead)
Yeah, we gettin' funky in the house tonight
Kickin' the jughead (Doin' the jughead)
Come on, get stupid, get stupid
Kickin' the jughead (jughead)
Oh yeah, we gettin' funky in the house tonight
Kickin' the jughead, yeah (Doin' the jughead)

Wait a minute, what's he doin'? (get stupid, get stupid)

Well, Mack daddy in the house over there
What you doin' dawg?
("Gettin' busy G, kickin' the jughead")
Yeah, baby's gettin' busy in my face
Cold housin' a future
Everything has been well placed
This daddy's to fly
He bust the jughead as he floats to the other side
You watch the rotation, there's a bit of hesitation
This is some new hype stuff you're facin'

You gotta come with a new git
The J-U-G-H-E-A-D, and I'm flowin' with it
You could say I'm on a roll
NPG and y'all, and we're gettin' bold, oh
Yes, bold steps must be taken
To bump a nation their scrutiny is what I'm facin'
As you pump the volume to what I'm sayin'
You'd catch me dead before you catch me
Doin' anything but the


(get stupid, get stupid)

Don't worry if you're lookin' silly
Look over here at me, workin' for Willie (check it out man, check it out)
Gettin' busy in the corner (Oh yes, is that Levi?!)
Holdin' my own , you think I'm posin'
I'm just frozen on an upbeat
Clockin' a freak in a low pro
You know, discreet
Baby was laughing
But before a "no" was even said
She's on the dance floor
Next beat kickin' the jughead (jughead)

Yeah (get funky in the house tonight)
Get funky
Kickin' the jughead (Doin' the jughead)
(come on, come on)
Get stupid, get stupid
Kickin' the jughead (well, jughead)
What's up with that?
(Dis one's mine, T) (get funky in the house tonite)
Huh, I thought so, yeah (jughead)
(get stupid, get stupid)
Yo Margaya (jughead)
Yeah we gettin' funky (get funky in the house tonite)
Yeah say Rio yeah, (doin' the jughead)
What about New York? yeah (get stupid, get stupid)
LA? yeah (well, jughead)
Get funky yeah (get funky in the house tonite)
Atlanta, G.A. - yeah (doin' the jughead)
We gettin' funky in the house tonight (get stupid, get stupid)

Yeah, homey, kick it just like that [Repeat: x8]

Boy, we gettin' international
In the house (gettin' funky in the house tonight)
That's right
We gettin' international
In the house

We want this one to go worldwide
Huh, that's right worldwide
Not state-side

Give it up

Who turn the mother out?

Who turn the mother out?

Oh yeah, that's what I'm sayin' (get funky)
That's what I'm sayin'
That's what I'm sayin'

Who turn the mother out?

(That's what I'm sayin')
Tony, you were excellent (That's what I'm sayin')
What you need is a manager (That's what I'm sayin')

For what?
I can make you, Money minders are like parasites
They pose and wheelers and
Dealers for your rights, and most
Companies say that you need em!
Not me, but I've kicked back, observed, and
I'm honest, Watched 'em bleed 'em
Artists young and old
I can bring you to the top! Where'd this unwritten law come from anyway?
That years after the contract you should
Still be gettin' paid? Boy, I go broke
And hit the skids before I take care of
A rich sucker's kids. Hell,
My contract, a contract ain't no pension plan,
My contract, years after this my kids are still
Gonna make the grand.
Tony, you, and you laugh at my brother Little Richard
When he says you ain't gave him nothing.
Let's leave him out of this Hell, that ain't no joke.
His songs are still sellin', that man
Could die broke. So fellow artists,
You need me, push for yours, and watch for
Mr. Money Minder, as we settle the score.
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