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Lyrics to Juggle Those Chinchillas
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Once upon a time,
there was a circus,
a circus full of clowns
balancing elephants,
dancing bears,
zombies, acrobats!
But what I loved, more then of all those,
were the jugglers.
And they juggled balls,
and knives, flaming torches
and chainsaws.
That awesome.

They took suggestions,
suggestions from the crowd.
"What shall we juggle next?"
And I stood up, and I shouted,
And they smiled, and asked politely,
"What are those?"
So I explained, little balls of fuzz,
With large ears, and eyes that stare.
So they brought them out.
And the juggled those Chinchillas.
Those live chinchillas, squeeling as they're tossed in the air.
I smiled in glee, as my dreams came true.
Those chinchillas were being juggled.
And when they finished their encore,
the jugglers came to me, and gave me,
those disorientated chinchillas.
"They're yours now, boy." He said with a smile and wink.
And I tried at home,
and I tried and tried..
to juggle those chinchillas.

Many years have gone by, and now I'm an expert.
I'll come to your house, pick up your pet chinchilla,
and I'll toss it up, and grab another, and toss it up,
and I'll grab two more! And I'll Juggle those chinchillas.
Yeah, I'll juggle.
Juggle those chinchillas.
I perform all around the world,
tossing and catching, showing the entire population,
what chinchillas are really made for.
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