Lyrics to Judy
Judy Video:
The waitress with the orange hair keeps motionin' me
To hurry up and leave.
I gulp my coffee -- burn my mouth --
Grab up my cost and, slippin out,
I smear a streak of mustard down my sleeve.
And the guy behind the register he takes my bread
And shakes his head
And looks at me as if I've blown his mind.
Hey, I just come here for some coffee...
Hope I'm not wastin' anybody's time.

And, Judy, I'm slowly movin' back to you.
And I wish that I could say I'll treat you better than I used to.
It's just I'm learnin' lots of things I never knew back then.
Judy, I'm slowly movin' back again.

That blue eyed barracuda smiles and tells me
She could use some brand new clothes.
She grabs my leg and with a wink,
Asks if I want another drink.
She's not the campfire girl you might suppose,
But she's so busy tellin' me her troubles,
I don't think that she's got time
For any kind of trouble small as mine.
Hey, I just come in here for nothin'...
Hope I'm not wastin' anybody's time.

I stop here on the corner, but that red faced cop...
Says move along your way.
My toes are cold, my nose is numb,
I got no feeling in my thumb.
I think I just might stop inside that church
And maybe pray.
But they pass the plate and look at me
When it turns out that I ain't got a dime.
Hey, I just come in here to talk to GOD...
Hope I'm not wastin' everybody's time.
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