Lyrics to Joyful Noise
Joyful Noise Video:
Booze, cheddar, Feta cheese exceptional
I noticed you watching me
Low key, the Merlot was flowing
P cold, meet me at the Marriott, I wonder in the yah
Smoking marijuana, we can fuck like we married
On your merry way back to your boyfriend, if you got one
I don't give a fuck, I wanna taste it
Not for no games, popping champagne on the canopy
Suck it like you love me, lots of me succulent
Damier belt, hell yeah, hella bad
Catch a cab to the helipad
Kissing on the helicopter, said he lookin hella proper
Read minds like a teleprompter
I would've took him to the prom, raise money like a tele-thon
Telephone, no silent when you ride it
Let me get inside it, slide it
Hide behind your heart, I know your hoping
I'll never get you open
Feelings start developing, eloping
I just wanna be your fantasy, see things you ain't never seen
See shit the way you never seen it
It's all about perspective, willingness to believe it
Tears of joy, here's a Kleenex
Will he stay clean? Sip the Jameson
Joyous, joyful noise you can make when you shake
Give me some, I want it all
Every time I want it, shit's so good it's scary
Haunted, gotta love it

I just wanna know your name
I just wanna
I just wanna fuck you
Just wanna make you shake, you know what I'm sayin?
Pop bottles and spend a little change
Take you somewhere you never been
I just wanna bug you girl
Bet you see how you never seen it, you know?
Can a nigga fuck you?
Can a nigga fuck you, girl?
I just wanna fuck you
Can a nigga fuck you, girl?
I just wanna fuck you
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