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JOTUNHEIM those white fields they reign over this land at the sparkle of ice they silently weep all ages of mortals they know and the bright sky reaches throughout the north raining hoar upon the woods it conceals the stars and sets the sea in fire shakes mountains by thunder halting the day, raging at night for long the clouds have traveled restlessly swelling above the waters if the heavenly flame now melts the frost with just the stream we drift those white fields they blind the night silent giants of stone and of ice the wind shall scatter the cold fair land and the eternal stream fall as snow none ever living on these plains the ice cold wind now takes the fair land far away wind driving the clouds carving mournful verses to stone the sky leads the weary roamer astray struck down by the white nothingness thus curse the giants of stone and of ice from here none shall pass should the trees be burnt to ashes should the shore be buried under the waves no man can ever own this land

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