Lyrics to Joshua Adam Sultan
Joshua Adam Sultan Video:
You're in love with the leech that'll leave you
It'll lurch in the church that you built to praise
The way it sucks the hours from your days
You're attached to a sly little bastard
That was born from the union of grief and fear
He wipes his ass with all that you hold dear

You've been scrubbed through the skin and the tissue
To reveal what they harvest with hooks for glands
And now my only hope is in your hands
Can i plead for an alien invasion?
To reveal to you the eternal frame
Can you let go of love in praise of pain?

Cut it all
Cut it all
Cut it all down
You're not the singer of a grunge band, baby

You're in love with the demure dictator
Barking orders through lo-fi beach pop songs
And all the plastic vultures sing along
To the false pretence of free opinion
That a fat plutocrat and his minions carved
Will you just embrace what you are?

Cut it all
Cut it all
Cut it all down

Roxanne, you're not their whore anymore

Cut it all
Cut it all
Cut it all down
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