Josh And Sarah's Belated Wedding Present Lyrics


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Lyrics to Josh And Sarah's Belated Wedding Present
We have been fighting for years.
We have stood anchored through the storms of our fears.
We have held court with the noblest of friends
As our twenties seemed to mark themselves with wrinkles in our skin.

We are children of the California moon,
Baby boomed teens dosed in the afternoon.
They told us let love be your guiding light
But empathy is a curse and intelligence is a knife.

We took our cues from punks and drunk poets.
We found the pain becomes stronger when we try not to show it.
We have seen the fires of luminaries stumble and fade,
We found sparks in their ruins and seeds in their graves.

In the friction of our framework I'll shield from harm.
In the details of weakness I'll seek shelter in your arms.
The tides of time cannot pull us apart
Our devotion is a catalyst and our union is an art.

We hold tight... through static of our struggles, through the trials of our plights.
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