Lyrics to Jonestown Milkshake
Jonestown Milkshake Video:
[feat. Kirby Dominant]

[Extra Kool:]
Well excuse me, I got a pocket full of grievance,
Doctype please help me set fire to the squeamish,
Well it's all truth or dare once the angel gets his
Nike's, taking arsenic to the head spells hell on the
Psyche, watch us all fly away, we're more fun then
Hand grenades, chasing comets with the creature, selling
Thoughts and lemonade, now I'm feeling so swell in my
White jump suit, Jones Town milk shakes an simple mind
Is absolute, now when I finally transcend, I want my halo
Draped in ivory, a heart throb snuggle bunny, in the land
Of milk and ice cream, I want a tall glass cup of lust,
Topped off with extra sugar, so the blood pumps love like
A stolen Kamasutra, with the glass in my hand, now I'm
Feeling silky smooth, a whole box of hail bops, watch the
Sky start to swoon, I feel like Johnny Deep, cashing colors
Through the sky, I guess it's all fear and loathing, mixing
Life with cyanide.

You can leave, but it's best to stay and obey, I make a deadly
Creme brulee, with a Jones Town milk shake. sip on it [x4] yeah
You can leave, but it's best to stay and obey, I make a dangerous
Suflet, with a Jones Town milk shake, sip on it [x4] yeah...

[Kirby Dominant:]
I was born on the day of the dead, with a coffin on top of me,
Grew up in the streets, where I developed my philosophies, of
Life and death, calculated the ratios, I don't relate to the
Nigga's you know, I'm like Van Gogh, cut off my ear, to let you know
I'm hear, I am the unstoppable rebel force, if you want to take
The course, I can show you how to keep the shotty close, when
The enemy approach, and if you want, I can give you lovely
Suicide tips, on how to slit your wrists and let the blood
Drip, die and come back in a Cadillac pimped, you use to be a
Trick, but not after all of this, I'm the king of rock, there
Is none higher, you won't stop jocking till I retire, but I got
The energy of a gee vampire, who be kicking it with chicks who
Rock rubies and sapphires, my pen twitches in the moon light
Like a polygraph machine, what a fantastic scene, the author
Of your nightmares, just might tear through your dreams, and
Bask in your screams...

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