Joneses Rule Of Sport Lyrics

The Wrens

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Lyrics to Joneses Rule Of Sport
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the wife â?? six kids
the boss â?? the dog
and the mistress tuesday night
the kitchen sink
the midday drinks
it's a pool boy afternoon
your boy â?? he's a girl
here's the daddy's football star
your girl â?? she's a boy
not the prom queen anymore
forget what you've been taught
your just plastic sold and bought
because God knows all you want
in the Jones' rule of sport
elect the man â?? get fooled again
and you bought the mayor's new lawn
a t.v. smile â?? don't touch that dial
welcome to your life
it's done â?? one by one
so you join the shopper's club
same hair â?? same face
got to keep in the race
so you criticize / tie the noose too tight
leaves you spinning round and round
to impersonate your life.
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