Lyrics to Johnny Date Rape
Johnny Date Rape Video:
You saw me standing bar side, whiskey in my hand.
And once I caught your eye I knew what I had planned.
There wasn't anything so special about you.
It was just one of those nights anyone would do.

You wanted some stank on your hang-low.
A girl asleep, she can't say no.
You wanted to peak in my meat-drapes.
And a sleeping girl can't escape.
And I was gonna give it to you anyway.
Oh such a shame, the game you had to play.
Now the crew's on you and you won't escape,
My little Johnny Date Rape.

I gave you every hint, I threw you all the signs.
But still I had to hear your corny pick-up lines.
Your lack of confidence, it should have made me think.
'Cause when I turned around you slipped it in my drink.


When I awoke next morning
I came to under stand.
I saw you passed out bed side,
Pork dagger in your hand.
Now you bear all the blame.
You shoulder all the shame.
And I'll never be the same,

It was a bloody mess, the night we all found you.
And now you're sucking soup up in the I.C.U.
So maybe next time you will give a girl a chance.
'Cause roofies ain't the way to get in someone's pants
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