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Harry Belafonte

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Lyrics to John The Revelator
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Tell me who is that writing, my Lordy, John the Revelator Who is that writing, my Lordy, John the Revelator What is he writing, my Lordy, about the revelation Yes he's writing in the book of the seven seals As the book was opened breaking seal after seal There was a mighty rumbling like a chariot wheel John said let me tell ye just what I see Beasts began to rise up out of the sea Four and twenty elders well they're singing a song As God stepped out from heaven judge that right or wrong God called out to Gabriel go blow your mighty sound And wake the living nations and all beneath the ground With one foot on the mountain and the other in the sea Gabe's trumpet be like thunder as he set the nations free The mountain it did shutter and the sea began to swell And with one mighty blast Gabe ( swept ) the gates of Hell God (snipped) out the sun like a candle in the wind The moon began to drip in blood The trees began to bend God cried to the sinners come all you underneath 'Cause I set all the righteous free The dead is gonna rise The dumb is gonna talk The lame is gonna pick up his bed and walk God said let me tell you You will never be free till you love your neighbor As you love me

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