Lyrics to John Hardy
John Hardy Video:
John Hardy was a desperate little man,
He carried two guns every day
He Shot a man down in the West Virginia land
You oughta seen John Hardy gettin away, poor boy
See John Hardy gettin away

He sent for his Mama and his Papa, too,
Come and go his bail.
There weren't no bail on a murder charge,
So they threw John Hardy back in jail, poor boy
Threw John Hardy back in jail

I been to the East and I been to the West,
I've travelled this whole world round.
I been to the river and I been baptized,
And now I'm on my hangin ground, poor boy
And now I'm on my hangin ground

John Hardy saw his woman there
The dress that she wore was blue
The very last thing she said to him
Johnny I'll be true to you, poor boy
Johnny I'll be true to you
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