Joe Louis' Furniture Lyrics

Kate Campbell


Lyrics to Joe Louis' Furniture
Joe Louis' Furniture Video:
I've got a coffee table
Made of mahogany
With cigarette burns and water rings
But that don't bother me

I bought it at an auction
Ten years ago
I put my feet up on it
And watch the fights on HBO

Float like a butterfly
Sting like a bee
I am the greatest
Said Muhammad Ali

Oh but I've got Joe Louis' furniture in my den
Twelve years running world heavyweight champion
And in my book well he's the best there's ever been
And you can't take that away from him

He came from Alabama
He didn't come from much
He fought his way up to the top
Then lost his money to the government

So here I sit
In his old chair
Something about this
Don't seem fair

Now I've worked hard
All my life
With nothing to show for it
But a poor man's pride
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