Lyrics to Jizmasterpiss
Hear my rectal whispering
Sexual baroque opulency now is coming from the past
Heaven is so far away
Masterpiece or masterpissing

Dark picture of cum to bleed
Such decadent erotica masturbating my mind fast
Sperm mixed with menstrual blood
Jizmistress of dreams and obscene

Cuntsludge puddles on the floor
Pissing fartwork sodomy is completed now at last
Balls are nearly sucked inside
Vaginal blow job of fucking whore

Cummunicating I love them
Perversion of family fucking, mother, sister I can trust
I will piss in juicy caves
There's no reason of father's stratagem

We are a family
We are one breed
Need are to be feed

Jizmasterpiss, jizmasterpiss
You can join us if you seek
Jizmasterpiss, jizmasterpiss
Our family is a law

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