Lyrics to Jewels
Jewels Video:
I stepped into your light, you stepped into mine
And I thought about you every day of my life
Sister of the river I know you made a million moons
You came to me so quickly, you're leaving me so soon

And I don't know how to feel today
And I don't know what to say
I dreamt you like a sleeping cat of air and fire
I said let you lay
Though I know tomorrow you're going away

I thought about your life and I learnt why
You painted me whine above patus of atua in the sky
We danced in mud, as you loved my sister
Then we played and shone in the garden, although we both missed her
You drove me home, I felt like I needed you
I held you when I could, I cared all I could do
I fell through the tidal whisper of your heart
I swam oceans of love just to take time back to the start

I dreamt you like a firefly dancing in light I said let you play
Yes, I know tomorrow you're going away

Hey, hey, don't cry now just 'cause I'm sad
Once bad things have happened they don't seem so bad
And I've loved you, only for a half moon, as much as I ever had
When I see you dancing on that mountain in summer, I'll be so glad

I see you like pounamu blessed by the river, should I let you lay?
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