Lyrics to Jessie
Jessie Video:
Jessie had some bags under her eyes
she went to get them fixed and now she's constantly surprised
her boyfriend is a body-builder turned stock broker
she knows he really loves her even though he broke her nose
for the second time, she says "I know, he warned me about wearing skimpy clothes,
when too much shows, I know I'm gross"

Jessie blew her modelling career when she was 16, by mixing valium and beer
she threw up, and that's not okay on set
just another item on the list of her regrets

she cries, beating up herself in- side, thinking that she never tried.
with eyes now dried and swallowed pride

Jessie went for lypo on her thighs
on the operation table Jessie ups and dies
a reaction to the anaesthetic, an unforeseen event
the medical board found the doctor innocent
"How could I have known? It said nothing in her chart"
the truth is Jessie died of a broken heart
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