Lyrics to Jessie
Jessie Video:
She has a boyfriend
does it really matter
we're really close together
and I can't keep my eyes off her
as we're standing there
looking at eachother
I think I'll win her over
That guy that says he loves her

You often catch him in his lies,
you know that he cheats.
But what is worth of him,
that you'd wanna keep.
when he makes a promise,
you know he'll never keep it
and when he says he loves you,
you know he'll never mean it

She's spending less and less
of her time with him
He thinks he's losing her
man, he's got the right idea
he now just notices
all his past mistakes
he wants a second chance now,
he'll even raise the stakes.

The Damage is done,
it's far too late
she's not wasting her time,
she will not wait.
No second chance
she's throwin' you out
break free of your trance,
and find a new route.
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