Lyrics to Jersey Boy
Jersey Boy Video:
did i tell you bout the time i dated this guy
he was from the East Village, an angsty leather-clad romeo
told me with tears in his eyes bout how his mother'd died
but two weeks later he said he'd talked to her on the phone
that's when i knew he was nuts
next on my mission i dated a musician
from Greenpoint, Brooklyn
his clothing was all vintage-store hip
he made me pick up our tab then borrowed money for a cab
that was 4 weeks ago, i haven't heard from him since
i guess i've had some bad luck or just bad taste
well i guess it all depends on how you're looking at it
see i been searchin for love in these 5 boroughs
no matter how i try i never seem to find it
from city boys my heart got a pummeling
i think it's time i went bridge and tunneling

jersey boy be mine
we'll have an awesome jersey time
you know a ride on the Path
aint' such a pain in the ass
as long as you're at the end of the line
yo Jersey boy lets go
i think it's cute how you wear your pants so low
and though i'm just a little scared
of all the products in your hair
i still think your fine, oh Jersey boy be mine

couldn't ask for nothin more
then when we're going down the Shore
for a day of skiball and a plate of cheeze fries
see funny cars out at Raceway Park
but I can't navigate those jughandles
so maybe it'd be best if you drive
and there ain't no other place
where you can taste
what chicken fingers mozzerella sticks
and fries taste like on the same sandwich
and makin out after dark
in the industrial park
i never knew it could be so romantic
been up and down from the bronx down to brooklyn
who knew the WaWa's where i shoulda been lookin?

jersey boy wassup?
your so sweet i can't believe my luck
your family thinks i'm wierd cuz i don't really seem to care
'bout Taylor ham or the Stanley Cup
yo jersey boy, it's on
you know the words to every single misfits song
and if we're playin pinball or hangin at the mall
we're having a great time oh jersey boy be mine
oh jersey boy i think you and i could go far
besides your the only the guy i know who's got a car
i used to think that this whole state had a funny smell
but since i got a whiff of you now i think it's swell
and if a water main breaks and we can't take a shower
and the traffic on the turnpike is backed up for hours
through all the smokestacks i still can't hide
since i got you babe, i got jersey pride
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