Lyrics to Jenny
Jenny Video:
Jenny walked in the room
Nobody spoke and nobody moved
She felt their eyes so cold and hard
She laid her cash out on the bar

Barkeep anything will do
Just make it clean and make it true.
He poured it strong and he poured it tall
And she tipped it back and took it all.

She slammed her glass down on the wood
She said I'll take another if you could
He filled her soul up once again
And watched her dance with her only friend.

He said I got one question I'd like to ask
As Jenny took down another glass
He said why you do the things you do
And she said just keep on pouring clean and true

It was damn near dawn when Jenny broke
Like a tiny punchline to a larger joke
She cried some tears but they never showed
She said I don't wanna dance this dance no more

He came around the bar so smooth
Her glassy eyes watched every move
He led her out onto the floor
To mend a heart so badly torn

Oh Jenny. Oh Oh Oh. Oh Jennny. Oh Oh.
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