Lyrics to Jelly Bean
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Jelly bean, jelly bean

I thought your name was good for you

And it fits you to a two

And I'll tell you why it's true

Because you're sweet and smart and wild

And a penny to the pound

Oh Jelly Bean!

There's a guy who lives in Albarn

His name is Curly Carr

Each night he comes on down the street

A-packin' his guitar

Stops at Jelly Bean's house

That pretty little thing

Bounce his head and bends his knees

You ought to hear him sing


Jelly bean comes through the window

And she listens for a while

Barely even blinks her eye

She's always in a smile

Tosses up a pretty curl

It turns to gold

Grabs his guitar one more time

And sings his tale of old


Jelly Bean!


Jelly Bean!

Yeah that's my gal,

Jelly Bean!
Songwriters: MCCALL, MAURICE
Publisher: Lyrics © Universal Music Publishing Group
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