Lyrics to Jealousy
Jealousy Video:
Could you talk a little slower?
Cuz I'm not sure I understand
I'm gonna try to muck my way through this
But I might need a helping hand

I'm not supposed to show it
But I need you to stop this time
I try not to let it overtake me
But you know it beats me every time

Shouldn't be doing what you're doing (Be yourself)
You're not thinking right (Find yourself)
I don't need an explanation, no (Sell yourself)
For the things you were up to tonight (Save yourself)

You make it seem like it's my fault (Be yourself)
Like I'm trying to possess you, but (Find yourself)
If it was the other way round (Sell yourself)
I know you'd be mad too (Save yourself)

And you would go for anyone
You would go after anyone
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