Lyrics to January Later
January Later Video:
January later now is not the time
For I am still three months behind
Please recall all those October places
Fresh now with our January faces
Celebrating something that we lost
Hand-in-hand in January frost

It's raining on the windowpane and comforting to know
Signs that Spring is closer than we thought
And summer will be meadow
Children knee high in grass
And we'll be celebrating something that we found
First leaves of autumn littering the ground

Your words, they drip like honey to my ear
Now it's something stranger that I hear
??? ringing out and confuse me when I sleep
We're not really talking anymore
Ravens are the last birds that I saw

So now you fly your flag, and I'll fly mine
Anything you do without me is fine
But if you're wondering how I'm doing
Say a prayer for me
Because I don't really miss you anymore
Ravens are the last birds that I saw
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