Lyrics to James Harden
James Harden Video:
[Intro: Chuck Inglish]
Yo what up, it's Chuck Inglish, you are now in the mix
ILLROOTS Radio Three.5. live with OG Chase B

[Hook x2]
Riding through the city man I'm H-Town mobbin'
Coming down on them thangs' swangin' bows James Harden
Riding through the city man I'm H-Town mobbin'
Coming down on them swangin'-swangin' bows James Harden

[Verse 1: Vic Mensa]
(Lean, lean, lean, lean)
Run for the money girl you cut too close so cold
And the D' pulled up in a 4'
My co-worker told me got that 50 for the O'
Old boy had to take the Tennessee for the low
Yeah, yeah wait, wait bitch don't tell me
Your first name Jamie, your best friend Tammy
Had them ass up in the hall like Tammity
How many hoes can I blow, yosemite
Boom boom bitch get the fuck out my way
You can hear the trunk before I pull up all day
Feels great
I can't be the nigga in the kk
Money from the rip save money til' the grave
Tell the nigga that seeks some moon beast
Put a tiger in a cage
By the swimming pool, shawty she said she wanna' hit a rave
Pop a molly, bout' to have an out-of-body experience
Nigga serious told her to meet me in the lobby
We in the hotel bathroom smoking OG kush she got me open
Hope I make it back to Houston whip this hooptie rusted-broken
Me being broke, that's a broken promise
Made a promise to myself gotta' keep it honest
Coming out a dreams nigga fuckin' King of Diamonds
We in H-Town sippin', police behind us
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