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Do you expect me to talk?
No, Mr. Bond. I expect you to sing.

Lock your Door!
Watch out For 007!

Fight temptation
For world domination.

I am a true spy
And I'm not your average guy.
The simple fact that I can't die
Leaves evil men wondering why
They all continually try
To force out my final goodbye
And while I never seem to sweat.

Through flirtation.

I have a way with Women.
(Oh! I love you!)
Most of the time, it ends bad.
(I know your weakness.)
They leave me stirred and shaken.
(Oh! I'm sorry!)
I leave ‘em scantily clad.
It's your uniqueness.

I have my way with Women.
(Oh! I need you!)
After I'm done, I skip town.
(I am so lonely!)
As I get old, I'm thinkin'
(Oh! I want you!)
Do men like me settle down?
My one and only!

It never could be love.
That's how it had to be.
Her name reminds me of
Female anatomy.

Lock your Door!
Watch out For 007!


Agents require
A Black tuxedo attire
License to Kill won't expire.
The only way we retire
Is when the studios hire
Someone different to admire
And yet, I never seem to sweat

Tell me the whole plot.
There is no way you can get caught.
You seem to tie such a good knot.
Just leave me here, so I can rot.
Forget the fact we ever fought.
I'm thankful I haven't been shot.
And have you ever seen me sweat?


I have a way with Gadgets.
(Oh! A rolex!)
All of the ones I can choose.
(And it's magnetic!)
I don't have any permits
(Oh! A jetpack!)
For anything that I use.
(Such an aesthetic!)

I have my way with Gadgets.
(Oh! A briefcase!)
Somehow it always works out.
(Its got explosives!)
Q knew what I'd be needin'.
(Oh! A wetsuit!)
As if there were any doubt.
(Nobody forgives!)

Villains can not be done
Until we all agree
That they have used their one
Crazy deformity.

Lock your Door!
Watch out For 007!

No Vacation

I'm who to blame.
I've got the fame.
As you take aim,
I'll give my name



James Bond.
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