Lyrics to Jah Make It Wet
Jah Make It Wet Video:
Most people think that we come from the sky
Don't they realize that we're just passing by?
They missed the sermon on Mount Sinai,
Worship the rumors, then hex I and I
The old ones say it's true

If Jah make it wet then it's gonna get wet

So many people they hide from the night
Don't they believe in the stars in the sky?
So many people let their life pass by
But you've got to live it before you can die
And what they say is true

If Jah make it sun then the day's begun
When the light is gone that's when the day is done

Most people think that they govern the land
Talk about things that they don't understand
This is exactly what the Duppies planned
Can't see the truth when it's there in their hands

But if Jah make it wet
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