Lyrics to Jaded
Jaded Video:
Nothin' to do but sleep in the sun
Nothin' to think about but havin' fun
Nothin' to eat but filet mignon
I'm startin' to think that I'm jaded.

Nothin' in my pocket but dividend checks
Nothin' to come home to but all kinds of sex
I'd try to explain but it's too complex
And so is life when you're jaded.

Nothin' in my cellar but vintage wine
Nothin' to buy that ain't already mine
Like those 45 starlets just waitin' in line
But they'll just have to wait 'cause I'm jaded.

No one but Segovia to teach me how to play
No one to advise but L.B.J.
And it ain't that Virna Lisi really gets in my way
But a man gets cruel when he's jaded.

Nothin' to watch but my bank account grow
Outside the Riviera -- no place to go
And no one to go with me but Brigitte Bardot
And I might break the date 'cause I'm jaded.

Yeah, I'm overloved and overfed
And you say I should settle down with YOU instead.
Well, I may be tired buy, baby, I ain't DEAD
And I'll never be THAT jaded!
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