Lyrics to Jacob
Jacob Video:
You were an off-white,
heading East and on the loose.
What of your old life?

Does it bear consequence
to you? You met a good wife;
in seven years she would come true.

Flesh of my own flesh, blood
of my blood; what did you do?
Blood of my blood, what did you do?

You met a dark night
when you had earned your right
to move. Was it your own

right? Or was it chosen
there for you? Behold,
the mourning. The light came

shining in the room. Your bride
of weak eyes- now is your turn
to play the fool.

Play the fool.

You did some hard time.
Seven nights for seven years.
A man with two wives;

the youngest one has gained
your ear. The Lord has chosen;
One is able, one is tied.

A man with two lives.
Neither one is satisfied.

You led a hard life. Work
your hands until they bleed,
until the time is right

to take your wives and sheep and
leave. But your deceiver's
household gods are standing

by. Fear of Isaac, of Abraham,
is on your side. Abraham is on your side.
Heap and pillar,

put it there before you leave.
A pillar, so that everyone can see.
The pillar where you went West,

and he went East. The pillar,
put it there before you leave.
As if to show either one of you

deceives. As if you know, for now
the tribes are of your seed. And yes,
you hope the Fear of Isaac

does not leave.
you hope.
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