Lyrics to Jacob and Esau
Jacob and Esau Video:
O, let the right one in,
here we find you giving out

the blessed gift. You were dying
on a bed of lies. Here before

you is a compromise.
O, may the right one win.

One was favored; you were
naked and red,

and I was holding right
on to your heel,

always eager
to make you a deal.

O, let the right one in.
Now you've come home

always with a hunter's scent;
let me trade you

for a pot of stew- let me trade you
for the right to lose.

O silent mother in the back room...
now listen close

to what she tells you:
Go, change your skin,

she will prepare your food.

Isaac's got his eyes rolled back in his head.

The smell of my son,
it is a good smell.

The voice is strange,
but these hands I have felt.

Take my name,
you shall take my wealth.

I put your brother right
under your heel.

I ran, I couldn't beat it.
I grew fat off my deceiving,

until I was maimed
by a meeting with an angel

in a hotel. Now my brother's running
and he's mad as hell.

I made it, couldn't keep it:
eye contact with our defeated

brother from a foreign land.
Oh servant of the Lord,

do you understand?
A brand new name

for a brand new man.
A brand new name

for the same old land.
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