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Lyrics to Jack (Pepsi)
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One night me and my friend
Jack Helton from Nampa, Idaho
Decided we was gonna take his dad's
Brand new 4 x 4 pick up
Out for a ride on Lake Lowell.
We had a belly full of Jack Daniels
And some Pepsi, too,
And we decided
We were going for a ride!

Well we got out on that ice and started
Spinning around doing
360's and 180's all over the ice
Slugging down Jack Daniels
As fast as we could.
That's when I heard the most horrible sound
I ever heard in my life!
And I knew we were
Going through the ice!

Help me Jack Pepsi!

We broke through the ice
Sunk down to the bottom
About 12 feet under.
Water starts rushing in
Through the cracks in the doors
And the windows.
I started freaking out
And Jack says “Hey man,
If you are gonna make it
Through this alive
You are gonna have to settle down
And breathe the air off the roof”
While the water rushes in!

Help me Jack Pepsi!
Help me Jack Pepsi!
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